‘Challenging, engaging, funny – just brilliantly done’

This reflection is typical of the feedback our training receives.  Delegates tell us they value the conversational tone and our trainer’s enthusiasm to hear different views.  They appreciate the range of illustrative examples used, the variety of training tools employed and the opportunity to share individual perspectives without judgement.
Our courses are always highly interactive and encourage delegates to critically reflect on their own attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.  We share theories and models to guide delegates’ thinking, as well as clear practical techniques and actions to employ.

Equality, diversity, inclusion

At Spurway our core expertise is in helping people better understand those different from themselves.  It is always true that we have more in common than that divides us.  But often the differences are important and have real impact on people’s lives and experiences.

We offer three highly interactive, half-day courses on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Interpreting culture

Our cultural background has a profound influence on each of us.  It shapes our behaviour, values and beliefs.  It even affects our thought processes and how we perceive the world.  In this half-day course, we examine where culture comes from and identify many extraordinary examples of its diversity. Finally we consider what we can do to improve communication between people from different cultures.

Refugees, asylum seekers and victims of trafficking

From the general issues of who refugees are and why they are forced to flee, to the specifics of their rights and entitlements in the UK, our training provides the level of detail you need. From analysing refugee migration factors to best practice for frontline workers, we can focus the discussion on the needs of any audience.

Communicating through interpreters

An interpreter plays a crucial role when we work with customers who do not speak English.  Without their assistance we would not be able to provide a service to a wide range of customers and service users.    In this half-day course we clarify exactly what the interpreter’s role is, examine best practice in working with them, and discuss some of the ethical and professional issues involved.

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