Enabling Empathy Across Difference

At Spurway Training we help people empathise with those from different backgrounds, experiences and identities.  Whether in the context of insightful and engaging training on a range of diversity issues,  facilitated team discussions, or individual coaching, we seek to nurture understanding, co-operation and synergy between people and groups.
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Diversity Training

With nearly fifteen years experience, and an engaging, conversational style, our training receives consistently outstanding feedback.  Our courses cover a range of diversity issues, are evidence-based and highly interactive.

School workshops

Interactive workshops for school pupils or youth groups on refugees or the pressures of gender on young people.  One or two hour sessions available to encourage young people to reflect on these important and emotive topics.


From board strategic planning days, to focus groups and service design sessions we provide the structure and group working tools to help make the most of your group’s time together.

Who we work with

We work across all sectors – for charities, businesses, schools, colleges, universities and the public sector.

Our recent clients include Glasgow University, Police Scotland, Hymans Robertson and British Red Cross.

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This is completely horrifying but perhaps unsurprising when you consider the way asylum seekers at these camps have been treated and demonised during the pandemic.

The Home Secretary deliberately put these people in COVID traps and made them a target for the far-right. https://twitter.com/maybulman/status/1407731760230719488

The surgeon that pieced my hip & knee together: “foreign”. The A&E dr who saved my life after respiratory failure: “foreign”. All the “foreign” nurses who cared for me. I am thankful beyond words.

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